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Sorry I keep moving all my widgets around and stuff. You can see already that my page has changed a lot. I found some awesome boxes and codes so I wanted to test them out. I have no idea when I will be done so just be patient. Everything should still be functional.

Blender Tutorial Progress

Blender Tutorial Progress

Free Blender Tutorial: 10%
Full Version: 20%

Release date: Unknown

I will not answer any blender questions till the tutorial comes out, so quit asking!

Doll by: Captain-BOOTY

Commission Info

Commission Info

No Requests by EnjoumouOpen PComms by EnjoumouOpen Comms by Enjoumou
Ask Trades by Enjoumou Ask Collabs by EnjoumouOpen Kiribans by Enjoumou
Kiriban at 23,456 pageviews

Turoke done by: eonaris

The list

Commissions List

Button - Paid by happy-gurl Has paid
Button - Unpaid by happy-gurl Has not paid

:bulletblue: Working on

0% Complete by SimplySilent Not started
25% Complete by SimplySilent Started
50% Complete by SimplySilent Halfway Done
75% Complete by SimplySilent Mostly Done
100% Complete! by SimplySilent Fixing Details/ Waiting for approval

FeralHeart Commissions

~FeralHeart Presets~
1. Button - Paid by happy-gurl Halfmoon Preset Divergent4Life 50% Complete by SimplySilent

~Blender Stuff~
1. Button - Paid by happy-gurl Autumn Screenie ThaBIue
2. (OPEN)

YCH Poses:
catgreat 0% Complete by SimplySilent

(Trade) Blender Pose Foxx-The-Scientist
(Trade) Preset MashyBunneh

ArtWork Commissions

1. Button - Paid by happy-gurl Creepy Icon Aersaet
2. Button - Paid by happy-gurl Creepy Icon FlecksLP
3. Button - Paid by happy-gurl Autumn Icon ThaBIue
4. Button - Paid by happy-gurl Mega Stars Creepy Icon Captain-BOOTY
5. Button - Paid by happy-gurl Dior fullbody drawing Jazzykayz
6. Button - Paid by happy-gurl Blue Pixel Icon Jolts-of-Blue
7. Button - Paid by happy-gurl Zeph JD TheErrorSystem
(Trade) Creepy Icon Nevarro


Blender Poses
Dying Breath by FlyWheel68
True Love by FlyWheel68
Wrong Neighborhood by FlyWheel68
~Open Commissions~ (3 characters max per screenshot)
Blender Poses (SALE!)
FeralHeart Comics (Note only)

Note: This is not the real price, this is just to request a commission
Please read the commissions info before requesting a commission

FeralHeart Tutorials/Helpful Stuff

For Those Who Need Help
Preset Tutorial Part1 by FlyWheel68Preset Tutorial Part2 by FlyWheel68Preset Tutorial Part3 by FlyWheel68Tricolor Preset Tutorial by FlyWheel68
3lectricBlu3Daw9 3-D Nose by FlyWheel68Canine Texture Reference Final by FlyWheel68CoyoteMange Fur Texture by FlyWheel68FeralHeart ENB Modification by FlyWheel68

Alright, after a long while of thinking, I am here to present your winners! Thanks so much for everyone who participated. It looks like all of you put so much work in yours it was hard choosing. If you didn't win this time I might do some other contests for more chances to win.

1st Place!
 Jazzykayz: Azure- Contest Entry. by Jazzykayz
Jazzykayz's Peacock entry.

I truly love this preset to death. I haven't seen a preset like this in a long time. The colors are magnificent and simply perfect, the different blues go well with the striking gold. I love how she made a design based off of a peacock and not just a peacock itself. Extra points for using my tri-color technique as well.

2nd Place!
Preset Contest: Living Color - Autumn Tree. by Jolts-of-Blue
Jolts-of-Blue's Autumn Tree entry

Again, totally love this design. The colors give it the fall feel. The dark brown branch like markings to signify the tree, but I also love the design on the back. It's not just a preset of a tree but fall itself. Really well done.

3rd Place!
Oseye - Living Color Contest Entry by TheErrorSystem
TheErrorSystem Oseye (Happyness) entry

After I picked the first two winners it was really hard choosing the last one. There were actually three entries completing for this spot. But after reviewing the three again, this one really stood out. This preset doesn't represent the colors in nature but color itself and how we live in a colorful world. If you haven't read her entry yet you should check it out. She actually based the preset off a song which is a difficult thing to you, but she did it beautifully. Over all awesome design with amazing colors. 

Congratulations everyone! If you haven't seen the other entries yet. Check them out as well!
My entry by 7KnoX Living color Entry by RainOfBl00d Contest Entry - Living Color by tuffgirl66 TigerBlue - Living Color Contest Entry by FlecksLP Preset Contest- Star night by Husky-friend

Original Contest here:
FlyWheel's Official FeralHeart Preset Contest!EDIT: Extending date! 
I would love for more people to join. Especially after I have been getting some generous donators. I'm extending it to November 1st. By then I will be able to do some more advertising about it. If you all could do some that would be awesome! 

Hey guys this is your friendly neighborhood preset maker here! As you can can see when you look through my gallery that I love making FeralHeart presets, but I also love too see other peoples creations as well. So I decided to do a huge preset contest for everyone to enjoy. There will be awesome prizes, so come on! Anyone can join in!
Contest Theme:
The theme I have chosen is living color. I kept it vague for a reason. I want to see many different ideas come off of this. I will not give you any hints or ideas for the contest, you must figure out a design on your own. That's all part of the fun!
:bulletgreen: It must fit the theme

Deviant ID

20|Female| Hobbyist| Arizona| Taken

Welcome to my page! You can call me Fly or FlyWheel, but I pretty much answer to anything. I mostly do this art as a hobby since I could really never live off my commissions, but I do enjoy making art for others. If you have any questions just ask, but most of my updates you can find here on my profile page.

~Partner in crime~

~Best Friends~

~Awesome Online Friends~

~Awesome Preset Makers~

All can be forgiven....
by: McLaren-Spyder


Journal Doll for Flywheel68 by Starrypoke



All donations will be used to upgrade WeLoveFeralHeart to a super group

I thank you for the points in advance!

What People Owe me

What people owe me

2 designs Squiggy-Adoptables
FlyWheel Ref Iideros
(Trade) Drawing Foxx-The-Scientist
(Trade) Preset MashyBunneh
2 detailed drawings RenegadeHowl (For preset)
2 FullBody mixed media DannyHorseRules (for preset)
sketch BeingBernie (for preset)

Pixel Cutout by: Carnizzoi

Club Awesome!






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